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We have a database of buyers looking for investment properties. After you enter your address and answer a few questions we will determine if your property meets the criteria for our cash offer program. If your home is accepted for our cash offer program we will schedule a visit of the property then start the process of getting the details together to send out to our database of buyers. Within 72 hours you will start receiving offers. We try to streamline our process to help you, the seller, avoid the stress of a traditional home sale. 

What makes us different is that you will have a licensed professional handling the process of the sale. With our network of cash buyers, we get your home in front of as many people as we possibly can to try to get multiple offers and negotiate the best terms for you which helps you to net the most money for your home. You will have someone local to the area available to walk you through the process and answer any questions you may have. 

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The biggest home buyers in the country will bid on your home. And there is no obligation, avoid the traditional selling hassles, no repairs required and the best part is you can move when you're ready.


Simply enter your full name, phone number, email, and property address.


Eligible homes may receive one or more cash offers within 72 hours.


A representative will contact you to review the offer(s) and go over the next steps.

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Frequently asked questions

A cash offer provides cash to homeowners if they want to skip the hassles and stress of the traditional home sales process. Homes that qualify for a cash offer are sold in as-is condition and typically sell faster than that of a traditional home sale. With our large database of cash buyers you will receive competitive cash offers on your home with a short turnaround time.

No! There are no fees or obligations to accept an offer. We will present you with all the offers you receive and allow you to make a decision on whether or not you would like to accept an offer. We will also provide you with details as to what it would look like for you if you decided to go the traditional home sale route.

The criteria vary on a case by case basis. We have an understanding of what our cash buyers are looking for based on the property value and condition. If your home does not qualify for our cash offer program one of our agents will go over additional options for you.

If you decide to accept an offer, we will go over the terms of the contract with you and establish a detailed timeline that will help keep you abreast with the process.

The closing date is established within the terms of the contract. We will try to negotiate this date based on your specific needs. Typically a title company will need 7-10 days to complete a title search and prepare the closing documents. Funds are typically dispersed with 1-2 business days after closing.

After our initial property visit, one of our licensed agents will provide you with both options... what things would look like for you if you went the cash offer route and what things would look like if you went the traditional sales route. You are under no obligation to accept a cash offer or list with one of our agents... we will provide you with all the information and leave it up to you to decide what is best for you.